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Our Trail System

Falmouth Clubhouse:

Parking lot for loading/unloading

Nova Scotia Trail Zones

Hants SnoDusters Trail system is part of the SANS Zone 3. We run and maintain 262 km of trail from the Falmouth, Martock, Ellershouse and Wallaback areas.

Our club house is located on Eldridge Road in Falmouth at the West Hants Recreational Facility, only 5 min from the 101.


As our clubhouse is right on our Falmouth trail system  it makes for a

great spot to unload for the day weather you want to take a few hour trip or one from dusk to dawn with many outhouse's and warming huts trail-side. Many people enjoy our trails as we are only 30 minutes away from Martock Ski Hill not only providing a breathtaking view but also a spot to grab a bite to eat and watch the skiers.


The Hants SnoDusters trail system offers a lot of unique and different types of trails. We have everything from logging roads, tight twisty trails, wide open spaces, mountains and everything in between.

In order to maintain our array of trail systems we own five groomers but are currently only utilizing our three main ones, a 1996 John Deer 5400, a 1994 John Deer 5400 and a 1993 Case 5120.

We also own two 1977 Bombi Br100's, but we have decided to let them have a break this winter until further trail development is accomplished.

Do you wish to check out our trails but don't know how to get to them by sled or where to park your trailer?


Please note below our available parking lots for loading & unloading.

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